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This website is all about the various aspects of fighting knives and cases. Whilst it is a good idea to consume all of the content, readers do not have to stop there. They could subscribe in order to gain access to newsletters and updates. This will appeal to a wide range of different people.

Knife Collectors

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This site has plenty of information relevant to the interests of knife collectors. For example, there is an article explaining what to look for in a high-quality knife case. Those who enjoy this hobby regularly will naturally want to learn a lot more about it. This is where subscribing to the site can be particularly useful. Over time the new info will help these people to improve their knowledge of knives.

Fans Of History

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It is fair to say that a decent chunk of the site is focused on the historical significance of fighting knives. A large number of people are interested in how blades have evolved thanks to past conflicts such as World War Two and the Vietnam War. There is no reason why these readers have to stop learning just because they have finished all of the articles. Subscribing will allow them to continue their understanding of the ways that blades have helped to shape modern society.

Avid Readers

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Other people are more interested in the simple act of reading itself. They may already be subscribed to a number of other websites. This allows them to open up their email account each morning and have plenty of written media to consume. Newsletters are a great way for avid readers to get their fix without committing to a long book. Instead, they can spend a few minutes reading their subscription emails.


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People who study issues around knives will constantly be striving to attain new knowledge on this varied subject. The more literature they read on it, the better. This is the main reason why students should certainly consider subscribing to this fun and interesting knife based website.