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About Us

This website looks at several topics around knives’ theme, including fighting models, their history, and how to store them with suitable cases. The articles are ideal for anyone who wants to start learning about the subject and experts who are looking for helpful advice. People all over the world are fascinated by these kinds of weapons. They have a deep cultural significance as well as aesthetic beauty. The site is divided into different sections to help users navigate to articles that most appeal to them.

The History Of Fighting Knives

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The site contains numerous pieces of information on the history of these weapons. For example, one of the articles looks at the development of modern fighting knives from the 19th century onwards. It is sure to be of interest to anyone who wants to understand better how the conflicts of the past inspired today’s blades.

Knife Cases

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If knife collectors want to keep their blades in pristine condition, they will need to store them in the right case or sheaf. The ideal type will depend on the nature of the knife itself. For example, large cleavers require cases with plenty of space. The content found on this website will help people to determine what case will best suit their own collection.

Issues Around Casinos

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Other articles delve into the links between knives and casinos. One of them explains why knife throwing hobbyists should play online casino games in their spare time. Another looks at the ways that knives can appear in the games themselves. For example, casino titles with pirate, ninja or medieval themes will often feature this kind of weaponry in character animations.