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n 1940, Capt. William Ewart Fairbairn and Capt. Eric Anthony Sykes designed what has to be the most famous fighting knife of the 20th Century, the world famous FS Fighting Knife. The first production run was referred to as the "First Pattern". Which was identified with it's classic "S" guard and flat ricasso. These were made in limited numbers. In order to speed up production, the "Second Pattern" was made with modifications which did not include the "S" cross guard or the flat ricasso. Today only the "Third Pattern" is produced which is the ringed handle type.

The Fairbairn Sykes Fighting knife is made to replicate the original Pattern 2. The original Fairbairn Sykes Pattern 2 is identified by the 2" straight cross guard, diamond knurled pattern grip, and rounded ball end.
These knives are hand made and assembled in New Zealand to the original specifications. The blades are hand ground by International Knifemaker, Brent Sandow and heat treated to the correct hardness. The classic "Coke bottle shaped handle" is nickel coated brass and diamond knurled. As with the original knives made during WWII, the knurling on the handle carries the same unevenness giving it a very authentic look and in keeping with the original specifications.

The sheath is the Pattern 2 type hand made from top grain leather and fitted with tabs and elastic retainer. The chape (metal tip) is brass, which supplied by the original manufacturer in the UK, is nickel coated.
Demand for these knives is high and orders will be executed on a first come first served basis. As these knives are custom made by hand, production times will vary and slight variations will occur adding to their uniqueness.
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